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developing an artistic voice

5 stars! Great vintage sound with a modern twist.

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Germinating an artistic idea

For a long time The Rockabellas have been a corporate entertainment act specialising in 50s vintage close harmony singing. Consulting with James Hawkins Music the trio of singers started out on a new path to become The Rockabellas, the artist. They engaged James to work with them to write and produce an album of original songs, combining their vintage look and sound with a modern twist.

Crowdfunding through to completion

JHM was fully invested in the project from the start, facilitating a highly successful PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign to fund the album. As producer, Jim covered a broad range of musical duties and took a very hands-on approach, in generating creative ideas, co-writing some songs, as well as producing these and other melodies The ‘Bellas brought to project.

Composition, Arrangement and Production

The Rockabellas are known for having a vintage vibe, and writing the string arrangements, brass and other instrumental parts was thoroughly enjoyable, as was actually recording them with session musicians. It made this album an absolute joy to produce.

In essence, the crux of this project was co-working with The Rockabellas develop an artistic voice, new music and distinctive brand, and creating a distinctive selection of songs using their trademark sound.

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