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Virtual choir audio editing and mixing service

Audio and/or video editing, synchronization & mixing for choirs who are recording their vocals at home

For as little as £3 per singer per song, I will guide you to make the best possible remote recordings of your singers. I will collect and edit the audio or video recordings, synchronize them to your accompaniment, and mix engineer the recordings to produce a quality sound and result you’d be proud of.

How to make better remote recordings of your choir coverYou’ll also receive a complete guide:

How to make better remote recordings of your choir members

Please select the number of singers and the number of songs you would like to produce.

Are you planning to host a virtual choir concert this winter?

If, like many, your choir is still meeting virtually on Zoom, Facebook or YouTube, at least in part, and you’re planning to host an end of term concert in a live social media event, then you’ll want to make sure you have excellent audio recordings ready to ‘perform’ with. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a high quality Christmas concert even if it is online?

I’ve spoken to many choir directors, leaders and teachers who would love to wow their audiences with their choir’s hard work, but stumble over the technical work required to synchronize dozens of individual recordings and make a great sound.

This is where I can step in and do the technical work for you.

I am an expert in bringing together virtual choir recordings. I created virtual choirs before lockdown with the Cystic Fibrosis Virtual Choir, during lockdown with my own isoChoir and in May 2020 I masterminded and co-produced the NHS Voices choir who accompanied Michael Ball and Captain Sir Tom Moore on their no1. charity single.

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