About James

James is an accomplished musician and music producer, working from his private, high-spec studio in Kingston upon Thames, London. 

He is classically trained and hugely versatile – clients refer to him as the swiss-army knife of the studio or simply Golden Ears. From singer-songwriters to bands, brands and choirs, James has an eclectic portfolio that demonstrates his musical creativity, skill and versatility.


James’s passion is to bring out the best in the artist by listening to their message and helping them to produce music that expresses it.

Music is such a powerful way of getting your meaning across and Jim has a proven track record as an enabler of creativity. He takes pride in helping people to excel themselves and be really delighted with the results.

This passion also manifests in projects like Voices For Missing (formerly The Missing People Choir) which Jim started as a way to give people in pain the gift of music and singing and all that comes with it.

Similarly, as well as working with private artists, once or twice a year Jim puts on big projects to enable and encourage enthusiastic creative-minded people to get started in music. James says it helps to stay humble and to keep in touch with raw creativity – finding the diamonds in the rough who want to pursue more.


James is a multi-instrumentalist, a lover of jazz and music theory (don’t get him started on Bach harmonies… unless you really want to).

Primarily a pianist and keyboard player, he also plays bass guitar, drums and sings vocals. He’s a specialist in vocal performance coaching. 

Chocolate Box Studios was professionally built in 2012 as James’ boutique recording studio, with a multitude of enhancements since, and which has given a friendly welcome to many artists, songwriters and musicians over the years.