James Hawkins Music presents…

‘Step Up To The Mic’ at the Epsom Playhouse on Sat 13th July 2019

Wow Wow Wow! THANK YOU!

We were blown away by the brilliant audience, the amazing performers, our fab band, and the feedback we received from our first Step Up To The Mic Event in Epsom.

You can join us at our next event in Birmingham on Saturday 19th October


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“Be part of a celebration of singers who have found their voice in a choir. And join us for a fun afternoon workshop. Learn the songs and be our choir for the show!” -James Hawkins

Margaret Ward
  • Margaret Ward Brilliant performers and musicians, had a great time and loved being part of the pop up choir, well done Jim 👍😃
Joan Nicolaou
  • Joan Nicolaou What a fantastic night! Awesome performers and great band! congratulations Jim for putting on such a fabulous show and fun workshop👏👏


What is ‘Step Up To The Mic’ about?

James has auditioned hundreds of singers from choirs from all across the UK to discover some extraordinary hidden talent.

Twenty talented singers were chosen to perform in a live music show at the Epsom Playhouse on Saturday 13th July 2019, where they will step up to the mic to sings song made famous in the movies.


What are the ‘singing seats’ all about?

This show is for anybody who loves music, but it’s extra special if you also like to sing!

We’ve created special seats for choir singers (or just inside-the-car singers) to be a part of the show.


You will experience:

  • a FREE singing workshop from 4pm-6pm on the day of the show which is open to everyone who has booked a “singing seat”!
  • Your voice will be recorded as part of the live Step Up To The Mic album to be released on iTunes after the show.
  • You’ll recieve a pack of learning resources a week before the show to familiarise yourself with your harmony part from the comfort of your own home
  • The whole event will be filmed, creating a fabulous memento of a fantastic day.

Everyone who has already booked a “singing seat” will recieve details of the workshop via email later this week. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Original ideas using music

Soundabout has a compelling story to tell and needed a unique way to bring it to life. James was able to connect their life-changing work with an emotive musical message that attracts and resonates with people.

Please contact James if you would like to explore how music can help with your organisation’s needs.