Music Production of UK Folk-Pop Artist

Florence Glen EP | Spread Them Eggs

The arrangement is well crafted and intriguing… Great writing and vocals, hugely experienced players and a very astute production. Thumbs up!

Fresh On The Net

Florence Glen: Production of her songs

As producer, Jim helped select four songs from Flo’s extensive back catalogue and created musical arrangements that enhanced her skillful writing and explore/create the “Florence Glen sound”. Much of this work was to interpret and present her artistic profile and brand, particlularly looking for the clear messsage and character in her songs and what makes her tick.

A creative, natural, travelling spirit with a wanderlust for the world.

The EP sounds beautiful – we are still delighted by the freshness of the songs. Ahead of its release, Florence was played and reviewed on BBC Six Music, Tom Robinson introducing and Fresh On The Net.

It was a great opportunity to invest in top session musicians and mix engineers such as Geoff Gascoyne (Double Bass) and John Park (Drums) and George Shilling (mix engineer and producer) as they bring new life to the songs and help the arrangements blossom.

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