Covers band recording in the studio

Blemish of Gravity rocks up to record

We sound so much better than I could ever have imagined.

We’re only a covers band and there are hundreds of us vying to get better recognition, but this has given us such a boost. I can’t thank you enough.



You added value to the whole recording process

How you worked with us, and the extra guidance on double tracking,
harmonies, acoustic guitar “sound wall” etc. really made a difference to the finished recordings.



Tracks sound great (although the bass of course isn’t loud enough 😉)

The amazing thing is that you have made me sound like a half competent bass player, so I thank you for that. The weekend was very enjoyable, it could have been very different but you put us at ease and made it a much better experience all round.


Bass player

Blemish of Gravity is a five-piece covers band who arrived in the studio for a weekend of recording in July.

They came to record three of their songs that showcased their style and sound with a view to promoting themselves to gig bookers and live music venues as we exit the Covid lockdowns. Like so many other bands, they hadn’t been together in person for nearly 18 months but had kept up rehearsals as best as possible online.  Consequently (and understandably) band members were feeling a bit rusty with a certain amount of nerves before we kicked off recording, which happily wore off quite quickly as they settled into the recording space, with their own gear and a hot cup of coffee to hand!

The recording process

We made a two day plan where we focussed on the rhythm section on day one, whilst also tracking guide guitars and vocals, so that everyone was able to give their best performance. And on day two we overdubbed and replaced guitars, and recorded the final lead vocal and additional backing vocals.

From board mix to final mix

By the end of the second day we had printed a mix directly from the mixing desk, aka a board mix. These are raw, unprocessed recordings of the band in the room straight off the microphones.

Following the recording session, James spent a day on each track to create the final mixes. We use Audio Mixup to share mix versions so all the band members can compare before and after and make comments at specific points in the tracks if they want. Now they are all prepped to seek out some gigs for summer events. Good luck guys.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to hear some samples of recordings made in our studio. You can drop us a line here.

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