Starts Wednesday 8th January at James’ private studio in Kingston.

A  deeper dive into understanding and writing harmonies with choir director and music producer and arranger, Jim Hawkins

Daytime class at 12-2pm
Evening class at 7:30pm-9:30pm


Interested in exploring music harmony and writing your own arrangements?

This course is for you.

This is the opportunity to deep dive into understanding and writing harmonies with choir director and music producer and arranger, Jim Hawkins.

Following the success of his one-day harmony course in October 2019, Jim is now offering a six week small group course starting January 2020.

Who is it for?

This harmony course is designed specifically for singers who are interested in understanding more about harmony and learning how to create their own vocal arrangements.

It is for anyone, whether or not they attended the original workshop, and will be an exciting chance to start creating your own arrangements.

Course Format

There will be six weekly two hour sessions, involving both theory and practical exercises, homework tasks, with four people attending each class. We will utilise recording technology to assist our learning in a practical way. All course resources will be provided.

What will you learn? Course outcomes

By the end of six weeks you will:

  • understand more about the system or “maths” of harmony,
  • be able to analyse and make sense of vocal arrangements,
  • write your own multi-part vocal arrangements.

Content Outline

We will be looking at the following topics each week:


  1. Keys, Scales, Chords and their harmonic function
  2. Cadences, 2-part arrangement, working with melody and bass line
  3. Analysing an easy Bach Chorale, observing his arrangement techniques, considering passing notes and movement opportunities
  4. Arranging in 3-part, making considerations, settings and decisions for the voice types, fleshing out an arrangement
  5. Creating your own 3-part vocal arrangement
  6. Refining and making a final recording of your vocal arrangement

Feedback from Jim’s Harmony Workshop

Great workshop. I got more out of it than I expected and was pleased to be challenged but not lost.

I thought it was a great workshop and I learned a lot – admittedly starting from a very low base level of knowledge on the subject. In that regard it was perfectly pitched for me.

You can find out more about Jim here. If you have any questions about this course please drop us a line here.