Use Zoom to add your voice to our virtual choir recording

Zoom actually creates the perfect file type Jim is looking for. It records audio using the right sample rate making it much easier to mix into our grand choir track!

Please watch Jim’s video of how to record with Zoom instead of your video camera.

How to contribute your voice to our virual choir recording with Zoom

  1. Download audio file to a computer/ device with a speaker.

2. Check the audio plays.

3. On a 2nd device, open Zoom and start a meeting.

5. Press record on Zoom meeting.

6. Press play on audio on 1st device.

7. When you hear the beep put on headphones and plug them into the audio device.

8. Start singing!

9. At the end of the song stay still and silent until you hear the second beep in your headphones. Then stop the Zoom meeting.

10. Wait till your Zoom recording has been converted and send the audio_only.m4a file to [email protected]